Industries We Have Worked With

"We contacted Integrated Engineers to solve our wastewater issue as the city was going to increase their sewer rates for BOD and TSS...we were looking at an annual surcharge in excess of $1.2M...switched from using 5 chemicals to using carbon dioxide and Floccin™ 1105...The result is a simplified operation, consistently lower BOD and TSS going to the city resulting in an annual savings of $1M from our operating budget."

Building Materials

Cement Manufacturing
Decorative Concrete
Door Mfg.
Dry Wall Mfg.
Latex Paint Mfg.
Spackling & Adhesive Mfg.


Circuit Board Mfg.

Food Processing

Animal Grease Rendering
Beef Processing
Chicken Skin Waste
Dairy Waste
Fish Processing Plant
Fruit Cannery
Garlic Pond
Grease Processing
Potato Flume
Poultry Cooking
Salmon Processing
Tomato Processing
Tuna Processing

Glass & Mirror

Glass Recycling
Mirror Plating
Optical Polishing


Groundwater Solids Removal
Groundwater Remediation

Industrial (General)

Class A Water Treatment Facility
Industrial Pond Treatment
Industrial Sludge Treatment
Industrial Wastewater Facility

Industrial Laundry

Laundry 1
Laundry Heavy
Laundry Light


Aerospace Components Mfg
Ammunition Mfg.
Ball Bearing Mfg.
Brick Mfg.
Diesel Mfg.
Drill Head Mfg.

Tractor Mfg.


Aluminum Anodizer
Gold Recovery
Iron Foundry
Lead Plating
Metal Polishing
Metal Processing
Metal Removal

Scrap Metal Recycling
Silver Jewelry
Sintered Metal Mfg.

Mining & Gravel

Aggregate Mfg.
Metal Mining
Mine Drainage
Sand & Gravel Mfg.
Drilling Mud


Ceramic Polishing
Die Casting
Fertilizer Mfg.

Mercury Removal
Nigerian Drilling Platform
Selenium Removal
Teflon Coating
Vitamin Mfg



FRAC Operations
Oil Drilling
Oil Field Sludge
Oil Recovery
Oil Water Separation
Power Plant Oily Water
Produced Water
Refinery Water

Paper & Printing

Corrugator Mfg.
Corrugator System Install
Corrugator System Modification

Wastewater Reuse
Ink Mfg.


Textile Mfg.

Washing & Cleaning

Drum Tote
Flour Truck
Pressure Washing
Truck Wash

Wineries & Beverages

Citrus Juice Producer
Winery Anaerobic Digester