Equipment & Systems

Integrated Engineers, Inc. designs and builds custom wastewater treatment equipment and uses numerous high quality equipment sources to:

  • Improve Your Wastewater Treatment Process
  • Increase Your Efficiency
  • Meet And Exceed Compliance Issues

The Best Equipment for the Specific Process

Wastewater treatment equipment that is optimized for each wastewater step is much more effective than a one size fits all "solution". By analyzing all aspects of your wastewater treatment system and diagnosing weak links, Integrated Engineers will optimize the processes within your system.

 Wastewater Proccess

pH Adjustment

The initial step is pH adjustment (if needed) to the desired set point. Integrated Engineers specializes in custom pH adjustment equipment utilizing CO2 for higher efficiencies, safety and savings. We also offer Dual-Chemical systems.

Floccin™ or Chemical Addition

The wastewater is then mixed with our Floccin™ agents (or other wastewater treatment chemicals) through a feeder system to separate contaminants from the water.

Liquid Solid Separation

In order to separate the floc (or solids) from liquid, a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF), Clarifier, or Rotary Screen is used.

Sludge Dewatering

Final treatment is sludge dewatering via a filter press.

Systems Offered

Whether your wastewater treatment solution requires aerators, clarifiers, plate and frame presses, sludge dewatering or a completely packaged plant, you'll get what you need with Integrated Engineers.

  • Combo Units - combine floccination and liquid/solid separation into one unit
  • Batch System - All the parts linked together into one complete wastewater treatment system
  • Bioreactors - Biological treatment systems, ideal for winery and ponding applciations