Wastewater Solutions

What We Do

The Approach

Integrated Engineers' approach to creating water and wastewater systems solutions is unique because your entire wastewater process is evaluated. A comprehensive evaluation of your system is performed, including engineering aspects, equipment and chemistry. You can even pilot test your system before committing to full scale implementation.

The Process

You get the expertise of experienced wastewater professionals, equipment manufacturers, and chemical suppliers, which we utilize to provide you with state of the art, cost effective wastewater treatment solutions that work. The wastewater optimization process involves exhaustively studying your current wastewater system or proposed system in a series of steps, including looking at processes occurring before your wastewater system is utilized. In this way, weak steps or links are identified and optimized. This process is called wastewater optimization.

The Product

All of this results in helping you achieve increased capacity, increased compliance, and most importantly, a potentially significant increase in profits. You will find that you truly can have it all with Integrated Engineers' unique proprietary line of flocculating agents coupled with complete turn key wastewater solutions. Wastewater optimization can be applied to virtually all industries. Learn more about the services and products we offer: